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As an employer, the safety of your staff is your priority. It’s the same for us. You may have been evacuated or facing imminent relocation or your landlord may be about to undertake repairs. Getting past this and back to ‘business as usual’ is vital.

  • What does my landlord’s engineering report mean?
  • Do I need my own engineering report – which engineer should I call?
  • How do I deal with my insurers when all the information isn’t available?
  • How much business interruption cover do I have and will this be enough?
  • I’m being forced to move but I don’t know how long to lease for?
  • Who will get me up and running if I have to move?

You need a professional who understands the turmoil, will clarify the issues, open up your options and manage the complexities. Fortunately, your business interruption cover may even pay for our help. Your building owner might not have all the information yet to make the big decisions on evacuation, moves, fit out, repairs or strengthening. We understand what it’s like to be left in limbo but have a track record on how to find some certainty and form a plan. You need a specialist project manager who understands this new arena and knows how to navigate these uncertainties, keeping options open and finding the right solutions.

“The complexities of engineering reports, surveys, leases and the race for space were intense in Christchurch. We very quickly realised we needed a bigger level of project management on the ground. TBIG were the experience voice we needed who had the networks of contractors to make it happen.”

Jim Robb, 2012 Head of Corporate Property, Telecom NZ


The Building Intelligence Group has a wealth of expertise in insurance negotiation, new accommodation due diligence, temporary premises establishment, business relocation and working with displaced tenants facing temporary works in new or occupied buildings. As a business and an employer, we are dealing with all those same issues in Wellington and Christchurch. Fortunately, we have a solid track record behind us and people with the right experience, initiative and energy to get through this.


Byron Rolf Byron Roff
Wellington Business Manager
021 221 3901
Ian Smith
South Island Business Manager
029 235 7760

Here’s some of the projects that show how we’ve helped others get back to business: