NZ Post Ground Floor

NZ Post has turned a forner Post Box lobby into an exciting public space that won a 2016 New Zealand Architecture Award for Interior Architecture.

The ground floor of NZ Post House at Waterloo Quay in Wellington has been transformed into an open hub as it provides a mix of spaces for NZ Post customers and staff.

There are several moving parts to the ground floor explains Dennis Rodgers, NZ Post Strategic Asset Manager. “The intent was to make a feature of the box lobby as the heart of the ground floor whilst unlocking the previously scarcely used ground floor to provide a large open zone that contains a consolidated reception for NZ Post and Kiwi Bank, meeting room suites, Customer Experience Zone, Retail Service Centre, Box Lobby, and the new Kanteen café. Behind the scenes is a new loading dock and delivery branch interchange as well as new staff facilities.”

We wanted to create a space that our staff can proudly invite our guests and customers to undertake business.  We also wanted to open up the ground floor to allow the public to seamlessly pass through from one end to the other under cover.  We also needed to ensure we provided the ongoing operational functionality that our logistics network requires.”

Jasmax summarises the design objectives that embodied the business; one group under one roof.  The aim was create an open environment that allows agile and effective business. The design repositioned the private mail boxes at the heart of the floor in quirky folded pods. The meeting rooms and PO Box entities were expressed as a series of boxes or parcels.

The project team included The Building Intelligence Group as Project Managers, Jasmax, Hawkins Construction, Holmes Consulting and Norman Disney & Young.  With so many user groups within NZ Post with different business requirements, the ground floor was always going to be a complex build says Senior Project Manager Phill Stanley.  “What has been achieved is testament to the relationships forged at the start of the project. We had the right people in the team who were dedicated to getting the right outcome.”