Ministry of Education National Accommodation

The Ministry of Education wanted to create a modern workplace environment for over 1000 in their new National office providing a catalyst to achieve cultural change within the organisation.

The redevelopment of 33 Bowen Street as the new National Office for the Ministry of Education brings over 1000 staff together in a modern workspace that drives collaboration, provides flexibility and agility and promotes a technology-based working style.

Previously occupied by MBIE, the building had some seismic and accessibility weaknesses that needed to be addressed before the Ministry could successfully occupy the building.  The Building Intelligence Group assisted in the Lease negotiation with the Landlord, ensuring that the base building was upgraded to an acceptable standard to facilitate the Ministry’s fitout requirements for the modern workplace environment.

Key to the Ministry’s vision for the building was the need for a visible and accessible public face for the building, and an ability for staff to move freely between floors. Architects Warren and Mahoney understood that vision, and developed a design whereby the ground floor of the building was opened up to create a public building entrance that dispenses with a traditional reception counter.  An internal stair running the full height of the building allows staff to readily move between floors, assisting with the Ministry’s aim to break down business silos.

Full Activity Based Working environments have been created across four levels of the 12 storey building, with the Ministry intending to roll out a full ABW environment over the next three years.   ABW allows a higher occupancy density than traditional workplace or ‘hot desk’ environments, and empowers staff to be accountable for their work time, able to work anywhere. The Ministry of Education is the first large Government department to move their national office to an ABW workplace.