Lyttelton Port Company Channel Dredging Project

The successful Lyttelton Port Company Dredging Project means larger container ships will be able to call at the Port of Lyttelton.

The Fairway, one of the world’s largest super dredges owned by Boskalis, travelled from India to Lyttelton to undertake the channel dredging project. In a 24/7 operation, the Fairway lengthened the channel by approximately 2.5km and widened it by 20 meters and deepened it by up to two meters. The channel will provide Canterbury’s importers and exporters the best possible and most-cost effective international shipping solutions.

Suction pipes moved across the seabed suctioning mud and silt into a hopper with a capacity of 36,000m3. Material was held in the hopper until full and then disposed of at an approved spoil ground located 6km offshore. Lyttelton Port Company implemented the largest environmental monitoring programme ever undertaken for a New Zealand dredging project. 14 dedicated gauges deployed throughout the harbour and off shore measure a range of factors including water turbidity, pH and temperature.

The Building Intelligence Group provided project management support across the wider Channel Deepening Programme, through the coordination and management of contractors and technical specialists to deliver a successful project.

The project will also see the installation of nine new marine based navigational aid towers, six land based navigational towers and six new spar buoys throughout the harbour, and the implementation of new operational procedures to ensure the safe navigation of the new channel.