Les Mills Gym Christchurch

We love a good workout. And with Les Mills as a client, we know we’re always going to get one…like creating their most energy efficient gym yet.

You might think with three Les Mills’ gyms in the bag, we could take a breather. But Les Mills continually appraise and improve their gyms so there’s always another project on the go. To up the ante, each time they build a new gym, it has to be the best they’ve ever opened.

For Les Mills’ Christchurch gym, part of making it the ‘best’ meant it had to set a new standard in sustainability. What did that mean to us? Firstly, we ensured 97 per cent of the demolished old gym building was recycled. And although all Les Mills gyms have environmentally sustainable design features, the Christchurch club is the first to be purpose built.

We devoted time and energy to every detail, examining what Les Mills can do in their buildings to be green – from a façade that maximises thermal and acoustic performance, large areas of glazing to reduce the use of artificial lighting, heat exchangers that utilise waste water from showers to recycling bins and bicycle stands.

There was more for us to get stuck into beyond the sustainable aspects. With a very restricted central city site, even the location demanded we give it our all. Neighbouring buildings were built right on the boundary, so our margin for error in demolition and rebuilding the existing building was negligible.

And naturally we couldn’t leave our gym goers without a workout for even a day, so Les Mills had to continue to operate their city gym while the new one was being constructed. We stepped in to manage the design, construction and relocation to temporary premises. Continuous improvement takes an eye for detail, team work and collaboration.