The Kollective – a unique co-working space for community service sector

A modern community co-working space is breathing new life into Tauranga’s Historic Village – bringing people and organisations together in the heart of the city. The Kollective is a flexible and collaborative way for local not-for-profits to share their resources.

An initiative of the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust (TECT), The Kollective is New Zealand’s largest co-working space for social and community services. It wasn’t a simple project; TECT could have purchased a greenfield site and made the build process a lot easier. Instead, they chose to reclaim a piece of swampland that would otherwise have gone unused – land of significance for local iwi and right in the centre of The Historic Village.

“Buying that land really signified the starting point of a regeneration of the Village” The Historic Village team leader Blair Graham commented. “We have created a fit-for-purpose, vibrant and sustainable community destination.”

Creating The Kollective has already proven that collaboration can lead to excellent results. As the external project manager, The Building Intelligence Group worked alongside TECT, the Tauranga City Council, The Historic Village, design teams, architects and local iwi to plan, design and deliver The Kollective.

Everyone involved made both contributions and compromises to create a space that ultimately benefits the whole community. Successfully pulling together all the stakeholders has been rewarding for the TBIG Tauranga team – and seeing The Kollective revitalise The Historic Village is enormously satisfying.

The name ‘The Kollective’ references te kupenga, the fishing net, and reflects the lack of a letter ‘C’ in the Māori alphabet. The branding is ‘TK’ themed: each membership option has the TK initials, so organisations can select a plan (and a native bird) that works for them – the membership is as flexible as the space. And while the The Kollective might have started with a distinct local focus, this is a project with benefits that will ripple out into the wider Tauranga community and across New Zealand.

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