Inland Revenue Contact Centre

Post Christchurch earthquakes, Inland Revenue sought a new purpose built office to house their contact centre.

Displaced after the Christchurch earthquakes, our national client Inland Revenue (IR) required a well located new office to house their contact centre. The Building Intelligence group assisted IR in sourcing a suitable location at the Airport Business Park, in close proximity to the Christchurch International Airport.

It was then decided that the Ministry of Social Development would collocate into the same building, with a total floor area demand of 5,000m2. Cross agency co-location into a single building had not been done on this scale in Christchurch and demanded very close agency collaboration and co-ordination.

A challenging and complex endeavour for the project team to manage amongst the time pressures of post disaster recovery in Christchurch.

The Building Intelligence group Christchurch employed a multi layered resource strategy to the project underpinned by senior personnel with significant strengths in landlord tenant negotiations. The Building Intelligence group provided technical advisory input into the Development Agreement, ensuring the agreed deliverables were able to be controlled and visible at all times.

TBIG initiated critical early project risk workshops across the Agencies and developed mitigation strategies and recommended suitable cross agency governance to control the outcomes and objectives sought from the project.

The Building Intelligence group Christchurch implemented all of our standard project management control processes across the life of this fast tracked project. This included the Project Strategy and Execution Plans, Procurement Plan, Risk Management Plan, change management process, design deliverables schedules and project programme.

What worked well was having key people with experience and knowledge from the clients / tenants team and the The Building Intelligence group Christchurch team empowered to set the project up for success from the start in a difficult post earthquake environment. The fast track project was completed on time and within budget for the Crown as well as the developer.