Our Services

The successful management of a project from concept to completion requires an impartial and independent professional to assume total responsibility for the completion of the project, on time and within budget.

Project Management involves the co-ordinated control of the design and construction processes as a single, unified effort from start to finish. This is what The Building Intelligence Group has done for 29 years. We are proud to be the first project management consultancy to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

The services we offer and which we tailor to a project’s or client’s specific needs include:

Building Project Viability/Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies determine if a project is viable. It’s the equivalent of writing a business plan. We manage and co-ordinate the process. Firstly and most importantly we find out what the client wants to achieve. What is their vision? Then we identify the options and measure how they deliver against the objectives. Sometimes it’s a case of financial viability or cost benefit. Sometimes it’s dealing with practicalities such as optimising design efficiencies on a site. We work through all the options and variables and provide outcomes and recommendations. We also suggest alternatives if a desired option doesn’t work.

Project Planning

This is the essence of Project Management. It’s the front end, long before pencil goes to paper. It has been said that 70% of the success of a project is determined by what happens at this stage. This is where the brief is defined, where the objectives and scope of the project are set out, where the budget is determined and where we work through what resource planning and approval processes are necessary. We evaluate the risks and make sure that everybody involved in the process understands exactly what they’re getting into and what is expected of them.

Project Design and Delivery

This is the nitty-gritty, where we make it happen. It’s about managing the design process to deliver the objectives. It’s developing timelines, procuring and managing tenders, writing contracts and managing risk. It’s meeting with management and keeping an overview of the process to ensure that the vision and objectives are met. It’s where, once we have a contractor on board, we then manage all the construction inputs, the contract administration and see the project through to its successful completion. It’s where we get our boots dirty overseeing the construction activities and resolving on-site issues.

Accommodation Sourcing and Delivery

We provide an essential technical advisory and co-ordination conduit for organisations looking for new premises. We will work with your property advisor to ensure that the proposed new premises meet your needs and are delivered in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. We will tick off all the technical aspects including helping to develop a quality brief, budgets and realistic programme. We will evaluate options against the brief and recommend any required Landlord upgrade works and advise on opportunities to integrate your fit out to save you time and money. Once a preferred option has been selected, we will assist with commercial negotiations to ensure that the scope and quality of Landlord’s work, and the implementation and fit out integration methodologies all come together to protect the tenant’s interests. We will then ensure that the Landlord delivers what is espected and that the Tenant fit out works are competed to the agreed quality, cost and programme.

Value Management

This is where we prioritise the degree of worth, concentrating on ensuring that the client receives the best value relative to their objectives. We go back to the brief and test the design brief validity. We review with the client what they want and prioritise what they really need. We look at different design solutions and different products. We start with high-level and then, as we work through each stage, the process becomes more detailed and focussed on cost-effectiveness, buildability and optimisation.

Risk Management

Every project, in one form or another, carries some risk. It can come from outside the project as well as from inside. It can be financial, people, markets, physical, political, regulatory or project relationships – anything that may impact on the delivery of the project objectives. We establish a structure and facilitate a process for the project team to consider and identify the risks, assess the probability and any likely impact. Then we develop mitigation measures and manage their implementation. We will then maintain the process and reassess the risks through the life cycle of the project.

budget Estimating and cost Control

Once called the ‘black art’. It’s not about what’s on a drawing but what’s not. Our experience in building refurbishment, fit-outs and development gives us the knowledge to identify the hidden costs, visualise the design intent, understand the construction process and anticipate the unforeseen to accurately quantify the real project costs. We will then implement cost-control processes – cost checks, robust change management control, cost forecasting and reporting procedures – to deliver the project on budget.

Other specialist services

  • Tenancy Co-ordination
  • Project Evaluation and Peer Reviews
  • Maintenance Planning and Implementation
  • Due Diligence and Building Audits
  • Critical Path Programming and Resourcing
  • Resource Consent Management
  • Relocation Management