Arvida Living Well Park Lane and The Kollective are award contenders.

Two great projects are confirmed as nominations in the 2019 NZ Property Council Awards:

Arvida Living Well Park Lane Retirement Apartments in Christchurch and The Kollective for the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust.

Arvida Park Living Well Retirement Village

Arvida Living Well Park Lane Building A is a community of 29 innovative high-quality apartments, where people are fully immersed in the attitude of living well. The living spaces and supporting environments reflect innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability at every turn. To create premium living environments, the apartments are rich in the use of Cross Laminated Timber, a visually appealing point of difference and a strong story in sustainability.

The project was led by TBIG’s David Hopkins and Ian Smith.

The Kollective – NZ’s largest co-working space for not-for-profits

The Kollective is New Zealand’s largest co-working space for not-for-profit, social enterprise and charitable organisations. Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust held a strong vision for The Kollective; they made a brave decision to transform an unusable and challenging site at the Tauranga Historic Village into an exceptional collaborative environment with an emphasis on open-plan design, flexible spaces, meeting pod and breakout spaces.

The project was led by TBIG’s Dallas Bates, Sarah Finlayson and Brent Thomson.