A win/win double at NZIOB Awards

It was an honour to be amongst the property and construction industry’s best and brightest at NZIOB’s Awards.

Big congratulations to Raji Rai as winner of the Metro Glass Consultant Award (Excellence) at the NZIOB Building Industry Awards and to David Hopkins as runner up with a Highly Commended.

Success tastes twice as good when you’re standing on stage with an equally deserving colleague. To put a double entry into the inaugural NZIOB Consultant Award shows how much respect we hold for the talent shown by Senior Project Managers Raji Rai and David Hopkins from our Auckland and Christchurch offices respectively.  And as the judges decreed, so little separates the flair, judgement and leadership they bring to their projects.

Raji Rai was recognised for her leadership of the Spark ATC Project in Auckland and David Hopkins for the Rangiora High School Rakahuri Building, a PCNZ Award winner earlier this year.

We are appreciative of NZIOB’s commitment to the industry in introducing the Metro Glass Consultants Award for the first time. It was an honour to be amongst the industry’s best at NZIOB’s Big Night. Raji and David were delighted to share the gala awards night with family and our wider Auckland team. They’re both big winners in our eyes.

“It was an absolute honour to be a finalist in NZIOB awards consultants category. The calibre of projects and individuals nominated in the awards were top of the top in the industry, and receiving this award has been a tremendous recognition. A big thanks to TBIG for giving me this opportunity and thanks to Spark for being a progressive client who were willing to take risks and try different methodology. Thanks for all the consultants and contractors who made this project a great success.”


Raji Rai

“The NZIOB Awards Dinner was a great night, made all the better for TBIG picking up the two awards in our category. I’d like to congratulate Raji on being a deserving winner in receiving the Excellence Award. Winning the Highly Commended Award for the Rangiora High School project is a testament to the whole team involved, and my thanks goes to each and every one of them. I’d like to thank TBIG for the nomination and to the NZIOB for the opportunity given this was the first time a consultants award has been included, and finally to Metro Glass as the award sponsor.”


David Hopkins