Meet Alysha Gibbard, our first Summer Intern

Alysha is a 2016 Keystone Trust Study Award recipient. She is developing an understanding of project management as a summer intern at The Building Intelligence Group.

Our summer intern, Alysha Gibbard, introduces herself in the first of three articles that reflect upon her time at The Building Intelligence Group.

I am a third year Architecture Student at Victoria University. My degree encourages interdisciplinary cooperation, especially between the Architecture and Building Science faculties. It was sharing core lectures with other industry positions alongside my experiences with Keystone Trust, that fostered an interest in learning how the different sectors of the industry work together – from the feasibility of a project to practical completion. What better way to learn just that than through an internship with project managers.

The first interaction I had with The Building Intelligence Group was through Keystone Trust. Keystone had organised a site visit to the award-winning Devonport Library, a project managed by The Building Intelligence Group. The interaction grew from there and of all the Keystone Trust sponsor companies, The Building Intelligence Group popped up on my radar (via Keystone) most frequently.  There was always an invitation to tour a construction site they were managing, or visit their Wellington office and learn more about project management.

It seemed natural to ask about an internship placement with them over the summer break – to which I am extremely grateful they said yes. In my first couple of weeks, my understanding of how the industry realistically functions has already grown drastically. I’ve been able to be hands in working on various different projects. I’ve sat in on “Request For Information” meetings, got out on site, copied Contract Instructions into correspondence registers, and created visual aids in excel for presentations, to name a few.  I am excited to keep learning more over the summer.


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